Spark AR Community

As every tool/software has its own community, Spark AR has a huge and active community. New users can get knowledge about the tool by connecting to the other uses of the community. In addition to the various communities, there are several videos on YouTube. A few of the major communities and their are mentioned below:

  1. Spark AR Creators This Facebook group is for global filter creators. Users can discuss and ask questions related to the filter creation process.
  2. Spark AR Tutorials — Several tutorials with examples are on this website for the Spark AR users. It’s really helpful for a new developer.
  3. Spark AR Community This Facebook group is to share created filters and ask for other creators’ feedback.

Spark AR

Spark AR (the name stands for Spark Augment Reality_)_ is a software developed by the team at Facebook that allows users to create and share Augmented Reality (AR) experiences on social networks like Instagram and Facebook to billions of people.