Bakari Mustafa is an African-born Australian entrepreneur, technologist, and former refugee. He was born in Burundi, a small country located in central Africa, but grew up in Malawi, a country located in South-eastern Africa. Bakari settled in a UNHCR refugee camp in Malawi and migrated to Australia in 2015 after being granted asylum by the Australian government.

Bakari is a passionate advocate for refugees and immigrants and often speaks about his experiences as a refugee and the challenges that he has faced. He is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion and believes that everyone, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to succeed and achieve their goals.

Notes: I feel very fortunate to get to connect with so many remarkable individuals. Whenever I have the chance, I set aside a few minutes to share what Iā€™m learning here on my website. Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter. Want to work together? Email me. Also, feel free to also check out my reading list.

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