Snapchat Lens Creator.

I have been playing around with Lens Studio, an augmented reality development software used to create content for Snapchat. My work with Augmented Reality using Lens Studio includes Lightroom Classic preset, Facial Tracking, and Face Expression & More. I want to create abstract lenses to enable viewers to use my work as a tool to experience my point of view and also fulfill the need to create and share more lenses.

😄 FACE LENS: Face Lenses can turn you and your friends into something new. Some can change your voice, and even feature games you can play!

🌿 WORLD LENS: World Lenses let you reimagine the world around you, and even bring different characters to life!

📱 STICKER PACK: Stickers or animated GIFS that you and your friends can apply over your photos, videos and stories.

Megamind Snapcode


Korean Pastel Snapcode

Korean Pastel

Snow Snapcode


Korean Creamy Snapcode

Korean Creamy

Face Warp Snapcode

Face Warp

Falling Money Snapcode

Falling Money

Winter Snapcode