Jekyll contact forms

Services you can use to add contact form functionality to your static site.


A contact form to email service

Just connect your form to their endpoint and they’ll email you the submissions. No PHP, Javascript, or sign-up required — perfect for static sites!

It’s free for 50 emails per month. They also offer some great premium plans to make your forms much more powerful and handle higher volumes.


Powerful, easy-to-configure form backend

Deploy a powerful, easy-to-configure form backend without writing a single line of server-side code.

Basin has some great features like email notifications, spam protection, and Zapier integration.


Form endpoints for designers + devs

FormKeep makes it easy to add a contact form to your static website.

It’s got a great API and also integrates with Zapier so you can share data from your submissions and integrate it into your workflow.


Powerful forms for static sites

Capture, protect, notify and automate submissions.

FormBucket lets you capture all your submissions into a database, and then integrate them with other services to do things with those submissions.


Hassle-free forms

Just point your form to formcarry, then they will process it while you’re working on more interesting problems.

Formcarry offers some advanced features like Zapier integration, attachment uploads, and autoresponse messages.


Easy form endpoints

A form backend platform for designers and developers with some great features like team sharing, webhooks, file uploads, and Zapier integration.