Pro-Sumer Power! How to Create Wealth by Buying Smarter, Not Cheaper!.

Wealth by Being Smarter, Not Cheaper, and Referring Others to Do the Same by Bill Quain, Ph.D. In summary, this is a business book aimed to change your mindset from being a consumer to a “prosumer” (producer + consumer). I recommend this book because it is cheap and easy-to-read.

Chapter 1

  1. if you want what millionaires have, act accordingly.
  2. You have to open your mind so that you can replace your old consumer thinking with new prosumer thinking.
  3. when you’re a prosumer you’re being smarter because you’re opening up the possibility of adding to, instead of subtracting from.

Chapter 2

  1. Think different! And When we think differently, we position ourselves to get different results.
  2. if you want to have more, you have to think like the store.
  3. Focus on building more assets.

Chapter 3

  1. if you want to make money in-store, own one!
  2. You have to start thinking and acting like producers think and act!
  3. As an Online Prosumer, you can position yourself to get rich along with producers.

Chapter 4

  1. Shop smarter.
  2. Cheaper is not necessarily better
  3. The shopping experience is so unpleasant and the container size is so huge that, in the end, it’s just not worth it.