It’s Through Faith

Ephesians 2:8

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God

Faith is something that is revealed to you. It is not something innate in the human being but it is something given by God, a sixth sense. It comes by hearing of the Word of God, and it is the confidence of the things we hope for and the evidence of the things that are unseen as of yet. Faith is the free gift of God.

There is one thing that the devil will plague you about the most, “Am I a Believer or not?” Because we are human and we are subject to all kinds of emotions and because we make mistakes, the devil hops on our shoulders and begins to whisper all kinds of lies. Because of this, we can sometimes confuse ourselves that it really is our work that saves us. What we need to do is come into a higher level of maturity in our Christian walk to flick him off our shoulders and say, “It is by faith that I am saved, not of myself.” It is our faith, the free gift of God, that has saved us and brought us into the kingdom of God, and this is one truth of which we must always remind ourselves.

We must also remember that faith without works is dead, and this is the grace of God extended to us, that when we were sinners Christ died for us to make us new by His blood. So our works tell us what we are, but our works do not save us. If we are doing the right things by the help of the Holy Spirit, then we can know Christ is dwelling in us. It isn’t what we do that does the work, Christ does that through our faith, but what we do tells us what is really going on inside.

It is not of ourselves, it is through faith that we are saved. Take some time to thank God for His grace.

50-0711 - “ Ministry Explained”

Somebody says, “How does Divine healing… Is it… Does it last all the time?” It lasts just as long as faith lasts. And salvation lasts the same way, just as long as faith lasts. When you feel that you’re not saved any more, you’re not saved. For it’s by faith are you saved through grace. Is that right? When you come to the altar, what do you do? You confess your sins and ask God to forgive you. And then, in your heart… Now get it! In your heart, you have to believe that He has forgiven you. Is that right? You have to believe that. Then you walk away from the platform. And then you have to confess it first, that you are saved. You can’t just keep it under a bushel; you’ll lose it right now. You’ve got to confess it and tell everyone that you’re glad. Now, what if you walk outside and somebody says, “There’s nothing to it; you just got excited at the altar.” How many Christians is in here? Let’s see your hands. All right. Oh, my. A hundred percent I believe. All right. Each one of you, God saved in the same way, by faith. You could come here, and cry, and pray, and pray, and cry all this week, and next week, and a month, and you’d still be a sinner until you accept Him by faith. Is that right? It’s not your crying that saves you. It’s your faith that saves you. All right.