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Stories by Bakari Mustafa

Tears of Aiysha by realbakari

Tears of Aiysha: Whether you are crying or not, tears are present at all times in your eyes - this is the story about pain, justice & freedom.

A Cheating Wife by realbakari

A Cheating Wife: A private eye gets more than he bargained for when he investigates a cheating wife.

In To The Unknown - A cosmic perspective by realbakari

In To The Unknown - A cosmic perspective: A Series On The History of Cosmos, Tailored for Curious Entities.

The Origin of the World by realbakari

The Origin of the World: An easy-to-read book in verse, that provides an in-depth analysis of the creation of the universe(s) and the history of the World, from a cosmic perspective.

Man in the Moon by realbakari

Man in the Moon: Tom stumbles upon a discovery that challenged everything he had ever read about the Roswell crash in Forty-Seven. A satellite that cannot be allowed to go into orbit. Cradling a homing beacon that would signal a fleet of un-welcomed visitors to the fragile blue marble floating in the vastness of space, Earth. Home to eight billion unsuspecting casualties. Can Tom prevent the launch? Can the old man put an end to what his father had started? Putting an end to the hideous creature Sirius and the clandestine moon base, Trinity…