The Advent Of Netwar

You are a combatant in a war with a network. This totalizing network has been defined by such terms as “globalism”, “the over-swarm”, “the new world order”, “the open conspiracy”, “the hive” and simply, “the open-source network”. It can be described as an extremist, maximalist transnational social movement. Within such a context, this present episode of “fifth generation warfare” or “hybrid warfare” should be seen as a network against network struggle, which is formed by shifts of political and social loyalties to “identity”, whether organic or cybernetically constructed. There is no more fixed, state-based hierarchy in the world. There are no more free-floating individuals. Either you have formed your own network, joined a pre-existing lattice, or you will be subsumed.

The “globalist”, or rather globalizing network is made up of oligarchs, technocrats, mainstream media, state, and corporate managers, intelligence agencies, terrorists, mercenaries, philanthropic foundations, unelected cryptocracy, and almost every international organization on the planet. This network is decentralized, modular, and cellular— it is composed of many smaller networks, ranging from legal, and illegal to semi-legal. The network does not hide itself or its operations, but announces its intentions and dramatizes its actions.

If you are a human being, this network is at war with you.

Further reading

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