University Study Plan

August 27, 2020 · 2 min read

1. Read the relevant section of the textbook the day before the lecture

2. Print out and read the lecture slides three to a page the day before the lecture. Bring them to the lecture.

3. During the lecture, take notes on the lecture slides. Active listening.

4. As soon as possible after the lecture

5. Re-read the relevant section of the textbook, taking notes. Make sure you understand it.

6. Do a mind map for that section of the textbook.

7. If you still don’t understand it, look for help (bring questions to the tutorials and workshops, emails to the teacher, ask other students, PALs).

8. Do all set homework.

9. Get started early for any assessable essays, reports, presentations. Always get them in on time.

10. Revise thoroughly for exams from three weeks out.

11. Besides lectures, tutorials and workshops, schedule at least four hours per course per week for study. Increase to six hours leading up to exams.